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Research Innovation and Development Lab – ReadLab is a Greece-based institution that aims to generate positive social and sustainable impact through innovation.
ReadLab delivers high-quality research, training, educational, and ICT services to public and private organizations in local, regional, national, European and international levels, adapting a human-centered approach and aiming at the promotion of sustainable development and growth.

Our Mission

Our mission—and our intent—is to develop and deliver needs-tailored solutions to challenging issues in a range of fields, aiming at maximizing the potential of individuals, public and private legal entities, communities and systems, and, thus, promoting sustainable development, growth, and prosperity.

Our Vision


Our human-centered approach lies at the core of all our activities and products, and envisages human “ownership” throughout all phases from design to delivery. Designed by highly-competent people, implemented by and with committed people, and addressed to people.


Bring to Greece, Europe and the world a portfolio of quality services and products that anticipate and satisfy the needs of individuals, institutions and communities.


Nurture a vibrant multi-level, cross-sector network of individual and institutional partners, sharing common values and objectives; together we create mutual, enduring value with multiplying effects.


Maximize business capacity and development, through re-investment of return in human capital and material resources, thus increasing the impact generated through activities.


Be a highly effective, lean and fast-moving organization.

Our Values


Honesty and Integrity is the starting point for change. Be real.


The sky’s the limit. Blue skies thinking can take you everywhere.


Diversity is wealth


Be always a learner. Be curious. Knowledge is power.

Be open-minded

Grow through openness.

Be genuine

Original thinking and innovation only occur when you are “uncomfortable”. Be eager.

Be passionate

Commitment and dedication can take you to where you want to go. Be determined.

Make things happen

Imagine change. Then create it. Be a doer.

Communication Technologies
Social and Political Sciences
Arts and Humanities

Our Team

ReadLab brings together a multidisciplinary team of highly specialized professionals in the fields of engineering, communication technologies, education, social and political sciences, and arts and humanities.

All ReadLab team members and associated collaborators have expertise in their respective fields, attested by their academic background and developed through lengthy work experience in the sectors of research, academia, business, and civil society.

Where we stand

ReadLab is an independent Private Company, established and officially registered as such, which:
• Has no affiliation or link to any political party, political group or government agency.
• Does not identify with or express any political, ideological or religious belief

What we do

ReadLab delivers customized research, training, educational, and ICT services and products to public and private organizations in local, regional, national, European and international levels.

How we do

All our services and products are designed, developed and delivered, incorporating in all phases the following standards:
• Needs-tailored, customized design
• Inter-disciplinary, cross-sector approach
• Innovation in process and outcome
• High quality content
• Timely delivery